Discover the Best of Bangladesh with Farazi Transport’s Customized Tour Packages

Discover the Best of Bangladesh with Farazi Transport's Customized Tour Packages

Discover the Best of Bangladesh with Farazi Transport’s Customized Tour Packages


Bangladesh is a country full of natural beauty and cultural heritage. The city of Dhaka is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in the world, and with Farazi Transport’s Customized Tour Packages, you can explore this amazing destination while still enjoying your own space. We provide minibus hire so that you can discover this beautiful country on your own terms – whether it be with your friends or family!

Tour Packages

TK Tourist Bus Service offers customized tour packages for you to discover the best of Bangladesh with our friendly drivers. If you want to explore Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet or any other parts of Bangladesh, we will help you plan your trip and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

You can choose from a wide range of tours including:

  • City Tour – Discover the city’s landmarks and attractions with your driver in a comfortable vehicle. You will have time to shop around at markets, enjoy local cuisine and get some great photos before heading back home!
  • Beach Trip – Enjoy swimming in warm waters while visiting local beaches such as Cox’s Bazar Beach or Naogaon Beach (a must-visit destination). If possible try snorkeling under coral reefs where there are plenty of fish species like parrot fish tetras which are not easy to find anywhere else!

Picnic Tours

Picnic Tours

Picnic tours are a great way to see the country and enjoy the outdoors. As you’ll discover during your picnic tour, Bangladesh offers a wide range of landscapes, from tropical beaches to lush forests. A picnic tour is also an ideal way to experience local culture, get away from it all, meet new people and have fun!

Travel by Luxury Tour Bus

Farazi Transport is a leading provider of minibus rent in Dhaka. It provides luxury tour bus rental services in Dhaka, tourist bus rental services in Dhaka, minibus rental services in Dhaka and other places.

Farazi Transport provides custom tour packages and minibus hire in Dhaka.

You can hire a minibus from us and enjoy your trip in Bangladesh. We provide customized tour packages to our clients, who can choose between different options depending on their budget and preferences. Our service is available 24/7, so you never have to worry about the time or place when you need help with transportations needs. Our team is well trained and experienced, which means that we know how to make sure that everything runs smoothly during your stay in Dhaka city!


We are a leading tour operator in Dhaka and we provide the best services to our clients. If you want to explore Bangladesh, Farazi Transport has something for you. We can arrange your trip according to your budget and requirements. Contact us Today .